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Packet Digital Awarded $8.5M Contract to Develop Smart Batteries, Chargers, and Power Systems for US Naval Drone Fleet

FARGO, N.D. (Dec. 20, 2022) — Packet Digital announced that it has been awarded an $8.5 million contract to develop unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) smart batteries, chargers, and power systems for the United States Navy. Packet Digital is now responsible for designing and manufacturing high-performance UAS battery systems for the next generation of Navy Maritime Logistics UAS.

Packet Digital’s experience developing and manufacturing smart batteries and chargers for leading UAS companies enable it to deliver cutting-edge products while addressing current battery supply constraints, data security issues, quality concerns, and inconsistent performance. Additionally, the modular battery design for this project will enable the Naval UAS fleet to share a standard set of features and construction techniques so that battery variants can be produced quickly with minimal resource requirements.

“Packet Digital is honored to take on this critical challenge to support the safety of our troops and our country,” said Packet Digital CEO, Terri Zimmerman. “Smart batteries are the heart of complex UAS operations. As drone fleets are becoming a larger part of the Navy’s day to day operations the ongoing management of a much larger number of batteries presents a challenge. We have spent over a decade building our technology, optimizing our algorithms, developing our technical partnerships, and fine tuning our power delivery solutions. We will focus all of that history, our passion, and our creativity on this important opportunity”.

“Packet Digital has developed a strong reputation in the UAS industry,” said Senator John Hoeven, a member of the Senate Defense Appropriations Committee. “We worked to provide resources to develop these new UAS battery systems as part of annual appropriations legislation. Now, this North Dakota company will be working with the Navy to improve this critical component of our national defense capabilities. We remain committed to supporting the great partnerships between North Dakota companies and our national security.”

The project, being undertaken by Packet Digital’s talented and growing engineering team in Fargo North Dakota, will be delivered in multiple phases over the next two years, and is kicking off immediately.

“Packet Digital has experienced significant growth, and this Navy project, coupled with other major commercial and defense projects, is accelerating our momentum,” Zimmerman continued. “We’re aiming to more than double our staff in the next couple years, and to significantly increase our manufacturing footprint – all here in Fargo, North Dakota.”