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Smarter Chargers For Smart Batteries

Your battery is only as good as its charger.
Intelligent charging is the key to maximizing the service life of any smart battery. Packet Digital’s Smart Battery chargers don’t just charge quickly and reliably, they charge more safely, optimizing the results and minimizing battery failures.
Temperature Sensors

Batteries heat up when they charge, and getting too hot reduces their lifespan. Packet Digital Smart Chargers detect high temperatures and stop charging until temperatures cool off.

Adjustable Shutdown Parameters

Too much heat can lead to complete battery failure. Our Smart Chargers allow you to set the shutdown parameters that fit your process.

Improved Safety

Battery charging needs to be fast, efficient and above all else, safe. Smart Chargers have the ability to stop charging when things get too hot.

Critical Data

By tracking the process of charging your smart batteries, you can better manage their usage and better predict their end of service.

Smart Battery Charger

Intelligent battery charger that will read smart battery data and upload it to fleet management software to track battery health.

  • Fast charging
  • High reliability
  • Made in the USA
  • Charge multiple batteries simultaneously
  • Temperature sensors and adjustable shutdown parameters help to stop catastrophic battery failures before they occur
  • Highly-customizable – Contact Packet Digital to learn more

Smart Battery Management System

Packet Digital’s battery management software is built to work in conjunction with the entire battery management system.

  • Rack mountable with 4” rear exhaust port
  • Charge or discharge up to 4 batteries simultaneously at up to 22A each
  • Supports LiPo, LiHV, LiFe, and Li-Ion chemistries, 1-6 cells
  • Heavy duty steel construction built to withstand a battery failure event
  • User adjustable charge and discharge profiles through an easy to use app
  • Key battery parameters and battery performance can be evaluated throughout the life of the battery