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Building Smarter Batteries and Power Products Here in the US

Tell us what you need out of your batteries,
and we’ll help you get there.

Packet Digital is a Fargo, ND, based engineering company focusing on battery and power system development for autonomous systems, with an emphasis on UAS. With decades of experience in battery design, battery management systems, and embedded programming, Packet Digital can solve the toughest challenges.

We design, test, and manufacture smart batteries and power systems for cutting-edge UAS platforms around the world

We work closely with our customers to understand their requirements, and we are able to develop high-performance batteries that extend flight times, even with increased payloads, and offer simple, reliable operation over a longer lifetime.

When you’re serious about battery performance, you choose Packet Digital.

Up to 30% Higher Energy Density
US Designed and Developed
Up to 100% Longer Battery Life

What are Smart Batteries?

A true smart battery pairs cells with electronics that provide real-time monitoring and reporting of critical performance data. This data provides important information to your flight computer, allowing it to make decisions in flight, ensuring safe and reliable operation, and early notice of developing problems. It also communicates with the charging system to ensure safe charging and prevent catastrophic failures. Smart batteries can also ensure safe storage and shipping by de-energizing the outputs when not attached to a UAS or charger.


Provides accurate state of charge information and power warnings to your UAS so you know how much charge you have left. This lets you reduce the margin to fly longer missions or use a smaller battery.


Monitors cell temperatures, which is particularly important for charging. Charging batteries that are too hot or cold can destroy them quickly.

Efficient Storage

Automatic self-discharge during storage also dramatically increases the battery’s life.


Monitoring and reporting faults helps you stay safe and retire your batteries if they’ve been abused or are just wearing out.

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