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Battery Fleet Management Software Gives You Control

Easily monitor your entire battery fleet in one place.
Managing massive battery fleets is a challenge, Packet Digital’s Battery Fleet Management Software provides maximum fleet oversight for companies who want to ensure the safety, reliability, and efficiency of their batteries. The benefits of central battery fleet management are clear.
Better Control

Packet Digital Fleet Management Software allows you to view, control and monitor all of your batteries and chargers from one centralized app.

Improved Feedback

See the latest state of any and all batteries in your fleet, and receive a notification when there is a fault or end-of-life status.

Less Downtime

Our fleet management software helps you to more accurately anticipate battery retirement. That means fewer surprises and less time with valuable aircraft sitting idle on the ground.

Powerful Flexibility

Set up a team with user-level permissions and configure battery profiles one time, then select them for charging. Control has never been this easy.

Packet Digital Smart Battery Fleet Management Software Features

  • Control and monitor all of your chargers from one app
  • Set up a team with user-level permissions
  • Configure battery profiles once and then just select them for charging
  • Smart batteries automate most of the profile creation and auto-select their profile when detected
  • Battery data, including smart battery recorded data, is automatically uploaded to your account for historical records
  • See latest state, notifications of faults and end-of-life
  • Summary of healthy and unhealthy batteries
  • Custom plotting of recorded data
  • Predictive analysis of battery health based on measured activity
  • Proactive battery replacement notification