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Maximize The Performance Of Your Product With Custom High-Efficiency Solar Power Electronics

Years of experience designing and building highly efficient, stand-alone solar power solutions in transportable packages for everything from on-the-go charging to sustainable power for mobile camps and military outposts.

Endurance™ 25 Multi-Voltage Solar Charging System

A lightweight, portable solar array for efficiently charging USB devices (including iPhone and Android) or multi-mode, two-pin SAE (trailer hitch) output to easily interface with charge controllers, AC inverters, batteries and DC loads. The 22.0” x 13.7” x 0.72” deployed panel weighs just 1.9 lbs and tri-folds down into a 13.7” x 7.25” x 0.97” self-contained case with integrated cable/connector stowage that easily fits in a backpack, briefcase or tote.

  • Requires minimal surface area to deploy
  • Parallel multiple panels to deliver up to 100W of power
  • Loop and toggle attachments simplify laying out or hanging panel for maximum power production

Outpost™ 75 Multi-mode Solar Power System

Portable solar system powering communications, surveillance, sensors,
personal electronics in dispersed and remote locations.
Fully-integrated solar and power electronics in a single transport case provides DC / AC system power and charging for military batteries generating 75 to 150 Watts of continuous 24/7 power.

Key Features:

  • Multi-mode Charging & Power Supply
  • 5V USB, 28.8V DC, Optional 1,000W / 110V AC
  • Plug & Play NATO, USB, ITT Cannon Connections
  • Man-movable & Vehicle-Transportable
  • Easy Setup/Pack-up for Mobile & Transitory Use
  • Scalable:
    • Connect 2 systems in parallel for 2x power
    • Connect solar directly external solar & hybrid power and battery charging systems