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Custom Mechanical Engineering That Sees The Big Picture

Smart batteries are just the beginning.
The engineers at Packet Digital have worked with dozens of industries and hundreds of applications. We know batteries inside and out, and we understand how UAS is changing the world, but we also know how to apply innovative design principles, cutting edge ideas and rock solid engineering to take virtually any technology to the next level.
PCBA Chassis/Enclosure/Mounting Design

Printed Circuit Boards are at the heart of every modern machine, and Packet Digital can help you design the most effective PCBA for your application.

Custom Drone Component Design

From battery pack mounting challenges to the development of electronics enclosure, we have the expertise to bring your ideas to life.

3D Printing Solutions For Rapid Prototyping Or Small Batch Production

Our experience with 3D printing can give form to your concepts, helping you to close the deal or get into the game.

Thermal Simulation And Analysis

Heat is an important part of any technology, and it can make or break your designs. We can help.

Wire Harness Design And Outsourcing For Manufacture

Wire harnesses are too important for guesswork. Count on our experienced team to help you get the most from this critical component.

Designing And Printing Common Drone Replacement Parts

Partner with Packet Digital and we can provide the flexibility you need to thrive.