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Packet Digital Announces Outpost™ 75 Multi-mode Solar Power System

Packet Digital is excited to announce the release of the Outpost 75 Multi-Mode Solar Power System. The fully-integrated system includes solar and power electronics in a single transport case and provides DC system power and charging for military batteries.

Originally designed for the US Military, the Outpost 75 is designed to allow for transportable solar power, which reduces the Military’s reliance on gas and diesel generators. A major benefit of limiting fuel consumption while in the field is a reduction in the number of fuel trucks traveling in potentially dangerous conditions.

“Having solar power options in the field for our troops is a big win in regards to increasing safety”, said Terri Zimmerman, CEO of Packet Digital. “We worked closely with our customers on this project, and having a reliable and powerful solution during operations, especially remote operations, is of the uppermost importance,” said Zimmerman.

The Outpost 75 is a stand-alone battery charging station for communications, robot, UAS, and sensor batteries, and can charge 24V Lead-acid and Lithium 6T vehicle batteries through NATO connection or directly. High power USB connections enable fast mobile device charging as well.

“There are a lot of solar options on the market, but most are aimed at the consumer market and are not built to stand up to the rigors of military operations,” said Terri Zimmerman. “The Outpost 75 is built to the military-spec, and was designed to be deployed in challenging environments, and is built to stand up conditions that would quickly cause other solar panels systems to fail.”

The Packet Digital Outpost 75 Solar system is available in two different configurations, including a single panel and dual-panel systems. The single panel system can generate 75w of continuous power over a 24 hour period, with a peak output of 500w. The dual-panel system can generate 150w of continuous power over a 24 hour period, with a peak output of 1000w. Offered as an optional addition to the system is a 1kW DC/AC inverter to provide AC power for AC devices.